We can help Clipper live up to its promise

The Clipper contract is coming up for renewal, and a system upgrade is being designed this year. The Clipper system delivers only a fraction of its promise to integrate the Bay Area’s transit system. Sign the petition below if you demand that the next-generation Clipper be BETTER.

Regional fares and equitable transfers. Opportunities for integration include rational distance or zone fares, universal transfers, regional day pass, regional month pass, and and regional bulk passes for places and organizations.

Access for all transit users. It should be easier for all users to add cash to Clipper – including those without access to bank services. Cash value should be available immediately.

Bikeshare and other connections. Clipper should work for first and last mile, including bike share, bike lockers, carshare, and the growing range of innovative connection options.

Data. Clipper data should be available for transit agencies and the public to analyze travel patterns including transfers across agencies. Agencies need to protect rider privacy – and improve connections.

Innovation. Transit services should be able to experiment and pilot service improvements without high fees.